Most small business owners don’t have the time or resources to effectively market their products and services online…

Dotmarketer is a full-service internet marketing firm that helps small business owners improve their online presence, so they can get more customers and grow their business.

Our Philosophy

At Dotmarketer, we believe that online presence can make or break a business.

What is online presence?

It's not just your website. Or your search visibility. Or your brand messaging.

It is all of these things... and more.

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Our Services

Dotmarketer has professional experience offering the following services: search engine optimization, local SEO, podcast production, video production, website design & development, sales funnel optimization, lead generation, Google AdWords, and Facebook advertising.

Meet the founder

Jimmy Atkinson

Hi, I'm Jimmy...

I've been making websites since 1996.

In the intervening years, I've built hundreds of websites and designed 7-figure traffic and sales machines for multiple businesses in a variety of verticals.

I'm originally from Los Angeles, but these days I live in Fort Worth, TX with my wife and two kids.