Dotmarketer holds dozens of domains across a wide variety of verticals. Here is a sampling of some of our current and former holdings.

Some Current Holdings


Some Former Holdings

  • Online Education Database — One of Dotmarketer’s first edu properties. Founded in 2006. Sold in 2007.
  • Outsourcing Times: Daily news commentary on outsourcing and offshoring. — Founded in 2004. Sold in 2007.
  • RFID Gazette: Daily news commentary on the radio frequency identification technology industry. — Founded in 2004. Sold in 2007.
  • VoIP Now: Daily news commentary on the voice over IP industry and comparisons of different business and consumer VoIP service providers. — Founded in 2004. Sold in 2012.
  • Tip’d: A social media community for financial news, ideas, and tips. — Founded in 2008. Shut down and sold in 2012, due to the economy.
  • WHdb: The Original Web Hosting Database — Founded in 2007, this site features comparisons of the most popular Web hosting providers and also includes a blog with tips on hosting, Web development, and other technologies. Sold in 2015
  • 50 Best Dating Websites — Founded in 2008, this is Dotmarketer’s first foray into the dating vertical. Shut down in 2016.

Our Not-for-Profit Holdings

  • The Pope Blog — The unofficial blog covering His Holiness and the Vatican.